Mobile Ready Websites in the News/Mobile Ready Websites Explode Onto the Marketplace as Shoppers Drive Demand for Instant “On the Spot” Information

~Jerry Koch

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News about mobile ready websites and the mobile ready revolution taking place world wide. Mobile Ready Websites mean: “I want relevant information from my mobile device now.” When I search for information I want it to be simple, fast and convenient. I’ve got my keys, credit card and i-phone. All I need is a phone connection, directions and a mobile coupon I can use now. In other words, I’m looking for a mobile ready website.

This exploding phenomena is driving a consumer crazed market that’s hungry for instant local information on demand.

The mobile race is on and the stakes are enormous. When Apple created the iphone they had a plan in place for what this mobile ready device would trigger. Of course, they had no way of knowing everything; of knowing every new channel this would open up, but they knew it was BIG! And, they were ready to cash in. Sales and profits soared.

The world changed when Henry Ford introduced the Model T.  It’s changing once again with the introduction of the iphone and numerous mobile ready devices optimized to satisfy the new Mobile Ready Generation.

More than five billion mobile ready devices have already flooded the market with no sign this will ease anytime soon. We’re right in the middle of a Mobile Revolution that will dwarf the earlier Industrial Revolution. 

In the same way Model T’s drove the secondary after market for parts, the iphone craze will drive the market for Mobile Ready Websites and Apps.

Mobile Ready Websites will open the door for Performance On Demand Marketing.

More Great News!

Big prizes are at stake; bigger than anyone can comprehend at this early stage. However, just as Apple “knew” something BIG was about to happen, there are many quick moving entrepreneurial companies ready to play a part in this mobile ready race into the future.

Stay tuned for the big race and watch as mobile ready websites lead the way to markets that didn’t even exist just a few short years ago.

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