Why Is Mobile Marketing So Powerful?

If  you haven’t   jumped up and down about  the  mobile  marketing  revolution,  it’s  about time you do!   Mobile  marketing  is positioned  to  absolutely slaughter every other current marketing  method! It’s going  to  blow away internet advertising, email,  direct   mail,  and  just  about anything else you can think of. Why?


 91%  of Americans have a cell phone.

•  5  billion people subscribe to cell phone service, but only 2 billion have  internet      access.

•  People tend to check their text messages and voice mail several times per day, often within minutes of receiving a message.

•  However, people usually only check their email once or twice per
day, usually not carrying a computer around with them.


Mobile Marketing Is The Wave Of The Future


This makes mobile marketing extremely powerful.  You have the opportunity to get in on the ground  floor of an opportunity few people are exploring. The time is NOW!

Mobile marketing has the power to reach more people with less competition. You won’t have   to compete with hundreds of spam emails, and you can reach people in just minutes!

Because   people   carry   their   phones   with     them   everywhere   they   go,   your   messages     can   be   in   their     hands   in   just     moments.     You   won’t     have   to   wait   for    people    to    get    around    to    checking    their    email.    You    won’t    have    to   worry    about     being     stuck   between   hundreds     of   spams     in   a     flooded   inbox.   You’ll    have    direct    access    straight    to    the    people    you    want    to    reach.


Text Message Mobile Marketing Is Short And Sweet



Additionally,  people  are  captive  audiences  when  reading  text  messages. Since  text   messages  are  so  short,  you  have  to  keep  them  straight   to  the point.  This    means   more  people  will  take  the  time  to   pay  attention   and  read  your  message.  Some   people  may  not  want  to  read  a  longer  email.

There won’t be another method with this much potential to come along for decades, and it’s still in  its  infancy. I suggest  jumping on this incredibly powerful method  right now, because you are once again thinking, “Why didn’t  I jump on this when I had the chance?”


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